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Dry Wines

Dry Riesling 2019.jpg

2021 Dry Riesling

Refreshingly crisp dry white wine with floral aromas. Complex in flavor, yet lighter in style! Enjoy with Asian cuisine.

Chambourcin 2019.JPG

2019 Chambourcin

Mountain grown in PA, this red wine has more forward fruit flavors of black cherry and a bright spice flavor

Chardonnay 2013.JPG

2021 Chardonnay

Our unoaked Chardonnay with flavors of cartelized pear and pineapple.  Great with your favorite seafood dish!

2015 Chambourcin.JPG

2015 Chambourcin

Bold yet smooth red wine with deep black cherry fruit flavor.  Aged to a thick body with great legs!

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